Coleman SportCat Tent Heater

Coleman Sportcat Tent Heater

The Coleman SportCat Tent Heater is a great option for heating a small or medium sized tent, but it can also be used for athletic events and other outdoor events where you need to stay warm in chilly weather. This Coleman product features instant start and a more stable base than some of the other similar “cat” heaters from Coleman.

Features of These Camping Heaters for Tents

The Coleman SportCat features electronic ignition so that you can easily get it started even in the coldest weather. It has a 1,500 BTU heat output, and it can operate on a single one-pound propane cylinder for up to fourteen hours. Besides this, it features a sturdy detachable base, which makes it stand up more easily than similar catalytic heaters by Coleman.

Features Include:

  • Electronic, matchless ignition
  • 1,500 BTUs of heat output
  • Operates on a one-pound propane cylinder for up to fourteen hours
  • Sturdy detachable base

Coleman Sportcat Tent Heater Review

Pros and Cons of The Coleman SportCat Tent Heater

In general, the Coleman SportCat heater gets good reviews for heating small spaces. It’s not meant to heat larger spaces or to keep you warm in below-freezing weather, but it will make your tent more comfortable when it’s chilly outside. The unit stays lit very well even in windy weather, and the sturdy stand means it stands up easily in the wind, too. It’s very quiet and very efficient, too.


  • Great for making a small tent comfortable in chilly weather
  • Stays lit in windy weather
  • Stands up in windy weather
  • Quiet and efficient


Like most heaters, this one will give off unpleasant smells the first time you light it. Some reviewers say you need to burn through half a tank or more of propane before the smells wear off, so make sure you run it outside for a while before planning to use it indoors.

Is This Your Best Option in Tent Heaters?

If you want to heat a small tent or a truck camper shell, the Coleman SportCat may be the best option for you. It’s very efficient, but the heat output simply isn’t enough to do much in a larger or draftier space. It’s also a good option if you want to sit next to a heat source during a football game or on a deer stand. If you have a bigger tent, however, you should definitely invest in a heater with a higher BTU output, since this one won’t be large enough to keep you warm at night.

Where to Get the Best Price

Although you might be able to find this Coleman heater in a store near you, you’ll get the best availability and pricing online. Check here for today’s best price on the Coleman SportCat Tent Heater.

Coleman Sportcat Heater Best Price

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